Mathematic Captcha

CaptchaFolks, I have reached the end of my patience when it comes to spam. I hate the stuff. So, I have installed a fairly basic mathematic Captcha. It should be easy and non-invasive.

Thank   you     for       your         patience           and             cooperation!

7 thoughts on “Mathematic Captcha”

  1. Mine was bordering on algebra. Luckily, I pulled it off. (4 – x = 1)

    Seriously, this is better than the swirled letters, those really do get tricky to read sometimes. Hope this helps!

  2. Had to take my boots and socks off for the extra counting digits…

    Yours Aye.

  3. Yeah, I have to admit, I don’t like the letters…you can’t imagine how long I’ve had to experience that especially when it looks so obvious….it’s like that color blindness business…one time I took that test (my retirement physical) and had the living you know what scared right out of me…the red & green colors and numbers shifted and changed and for a brief moment, I thought my eyes were seeing things I’d only imagined in nightmares…briefly I was flummoxed…then it all solidified and became real….oh, well, must have been nervousness….k

  4. Lil C: I hate those swirled captchas! I get them wrong sometimes. And have to do ’em again.
    EB: Glad to hear your tootsies saved the day.
    Kris: I agree. I hate those. . .

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