Scummy Navy Sailors

Not all folks in the Navy are upstanding individuals. Recently, a naval officer named Sean Banks, who left the service to pursue a PhD from Pepperdine, was accused of raping a woman he had met through And while he had not dated her, Miss California 2012 contestant Victoria Kinney had spoken with Sean Banks about going out on a date. And she went public with her revelations.

Miss California 2012 contestant Victoria Kinney and LT Sean Banks
Miss California 2012 contestant Victoria Kinney and LT Sean Banks

If the charges are true, the guy is scum. And comments like this (found at the bottom of the article) don’t help: I don’t believe this story at all. First off, a Christian would never do such a thing. Secondly, it says he was in the navy, which means he doesn’t even like girls.

And while we are on the topic of scummy Sailors, I should point you to Seaman Christopher Browning and Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker. I wish I did not have to share this story. . .

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  1. Last week I learned of a story where a widowed doctor met a woman on Christian Mingle. He corresponded with her for a while and met her. He gave her a couple of thousand dollars for some odd reason. It turns out the woman was married and the whole thing a scam. I think some people let down their guard and are easily duped because this is suppose to be a Christian dating site. Isn’t it a big no-no to meet with your online date at your home?

  2. None of these individuals sound like very upstanding human beings…a sad commentary indeed…it would appear these organizations should take a little more time looking into who these people are who sign up for this service….calling itself Christian Mingle is a dead giveaway for scammers and cheaters to make their appearance….and on the same note; these two young men look clean cut and proved otherwise…it’s a shame they have to spend a certain portion of their life in jail but perhaps they’ll learn something useful…find God or their consciences, if they have any….k

  3. Lou: I would think so. Meeting in a very public place would be the only way to go.
    Kris: It is sad that they are so scummy. And it is also sad they did not learn from their time in the Navy. . .

  4. Re: Seaman Christopher Browning and Dozierwalker ( I refuse to use their former ranks – those belong to honorable Sailors) – The Dutchies inaugurated keelhauling for expressly this just purpose.

  5. I always avoid companies that use Christian “buzzwords” for marketing purposes. And why isn’t this in the U.S. media? The Daily Mail always seems to have better news coverage than the U.S. media. People need to know about this.

  6. A despicable heinous crime that requires the full force of the law thrown at the perpetrator…

    An act I find hard to comprehend, which sadly has been around for as long as mankind.

    Yours Aye.

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