The Muslim Brotherhood’s Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is a crazy dance craze. I’ve seen all sorts of schools, web nerds, military units, and others popping it off. Let’s add the Muslim Brotherhood. Fat, out-of-shape, bare-chested Muslim Bro’s:

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) attempted late Saturday to remove a YouTube video of its members doing the “Harlem Shake.”

Muslim Brotherhood Harlem Shake
Muslim Brotherhood Harlem Shake

The video was made by the MB members wanting to mock the country’s main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front.

The Brotherhood took it down from the video-sharing site after identifying one of the dancers who was bare-chested.

Watch at your own risk. That one fat dude (Ahmad al-Mogheer) needs to put on a shirt.

7 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Harlem Shake”

  1. Well that’s just great…

    Having prepared & enjoyed a great Sunday roast dinner
    (Roast Beef, yorkshire puddings, garden peas, savoy cabbage & CARROTS, and thick gravy; washed down with a large glass of fine red)
    I click on the live link to see a man ~wobble~ where a man should just not ~wobble~ at all…

    It has taken me almost twenty minutes to clean up my iMac screen, as well as the wall behind it, due to a badly suppressed projectile ‘huey’!

    NavyOne man, please get a grip of your self; what on earth were you thinking of? On a Sunday of all days?

    Think of the poor innocents who visit this site, who have not travelled and seen life as we have. These poor little wee lambs will endure terror-mares for months to come, they will never ever be able to face jello & custard again!

    Mind bleach is the only cure.

    Yours Aye.

    1. You and your mind-bleach, Ex Bootneck… should set up a website to sell it to the unsuspecting….wanting to retch is a common result of watching something like this….no wonder these people have problems dating…..k

  2. Struan: We were in Arabic class and one of the guys started to do that. And our teachers cautioned us that only the women ulalated. . .
    Old NFO: Poor guy could use a bro (manziere) for his moobs.
    EB: Sorry about your Sunday meal. But be happy you are not that guy.
    Kris: Mind-bleach is a terrible thing to waste.

    1. That was kinda my point, N1. Watching that Hamitic trainwreck made me want to scream like a girl. ):

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