10,000 Men of Harvard

Who says Harvard can’t get rowdy? In a video titled 10,000 Men of Harvard, the Hah-vud football team breaks out in their victory song. Of course, this was from 2010 and they have not sung it since. . .

7 thoughts on “10,000 Men of Harvard”

  1. There are many indications of victory; but the recent emphasis on what Harvard and other Ivy League universities have turned themselves into, is not a positive recommendation…I’d prefer sending any children I ever had to a private school that actually teaches something and doesn’t indoctrinate their students….k

    1. They were once the very cream of crop in terms of schools. I would stress not to send kids there now. I’ve looked at the schools for advanced degrees, but I am not an impressible teenager. . .

    1. Add to that: no one hears conservatives or reality when it’s staring them directly in the face….what a sad commentary that is…history repeats itself endlessly and embarrassingly so especially for them…and these tone-deaf collegians neither know nor care how truly ignorant they really are…or what they look like to the rest of the world…they of course, will be the last to understand their own intellect never has been what it was cracked up to be….and how little what they believe actually coincides with reality or the truth….k

        1. Hey, that’s what we’re here for Navy One…we may be speaking to the choir but it isn’t the same choir they do….k

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