F-35 Cleared to Resume

“Following engineering analysis of the turbine blade which developed a crack, F-35 flight operations have been cleared to resume,” the Joint Program Office and Pratt & Whitney said in a joint statement, released late Thursday night.

5 thoughts on “F-35 Cleared to Resume”

  1. No problem! Flying a single engine aircraft off a carrier at night (or day time). No problem! Over enemy territory. No problem! Just ask a grey haired ex F-8/A-4/A-7 Naval aviator what it was like to loose an engine (the only engine).
    ‘Twin engines, dual redundant hydraulics … those are the things I don’t want to give up in flying to remote places or even in combat, because those are the things that’ll bring you home.’—Super Hornet chief test pilot Ricardo Traven
    Good post from ORPO. http://oldretiredpettyofficer.blogspot.com/2013/03/boeing-touts-fighter-jet-to-rival-f-35.html

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