Brown Water Navy

2 thoughts on “Brown Water Navy

  1. Happy days patrolling the Jungles of Belize up and around San Ignacio as well as the ‘Guat’ border; the days when the Belizean economy actually relied upon the sale of marijuana (albeit illegally). Some large patches required permission from high above before ‘Destruction By Fire’ was granted (which, more than often was not granted)!

    I still have some good friends around the area of San Ignacio from the Mayan indian community who are honest hard working decent people. Sadly the ‘locals’ who class them selves as ‘Creoles’ were quite the opposite; they would rob the eyes out of your head and come back later for the sockets.

    My little book of ‘dits, nif-naf & trivia’ may well have to be perused later… some cracking tales to tell.

    Yours Aye.

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