Annet Mahendru, Nina from the Americans

Annet Mahendru (Nina) in The Americans
Annet Mahendru (Nina the secretary) in the Americans

Where actors and actresses grew up and learned their craft (for some reason) interests me. It is often not obvious.

Take Annet Mahendru, who plays Nina the Russian secretary, from the show The Americans. She has a perfect Russian accent. But this German language wiki lists her as from Afghanistan.

Her bio lists German and Russian as her languages. And she is proficient in French and conversational in Farsi and Hindi. For a linguist, this is a veritable fruit salad of everything, including pineapple, kiwis, and plantains. But I don’t see any pure Afghani languages listed in her bio. No Pashtu or Dari. Maybe Farsi, if her family lived close to the Iranian border. (Farsi and Dari are very similar.)

Her IMDB bio notes that she speaks six languages. (But which one is her language of birth?) It also mentions that she dances Bharata Natyam and is a brown belt in Karate. Bharata Natyam is a dance originating in India. And her last name could be Indian. I give up. You win, Annet.

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    1. From a quick perusal, Navy One, I saw an entry that claims this actress was born in Afghanistan and spent her life traveling from Kabul to St. Petersburg…so I guess that would put her in the enviable position of being multi-lingual (Russian and Dari)..and obviously this would contribute to her linguistic skills…fruit salad….not a far stretch….k

  1. Such a find is what the Islamic male populace fear; an educated Islamic woman with strong beliefs and ideals, which it is hoped, will bring down the Islamic extremists eventually.

    Those of us here may well be long dead; but it will happen one day!

    Yours Aye.

    1. We can only hope that our own personal efforts will not go unnoticed…just trying makes the effort worth it…k

  2. She is speeking perfect Russian, which probably suggests that one of her parents, perhaps mother, is Russian and she spent some time in European Russia based on her accent. How she knows German and French I don’t know, I didn’t see much written about her. Given her absolutely killing looks she will have bright future.

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