Springfield and Springthorpe

Rick Springfield of Jessie’s Girl and General Hospital fame has a son named Liam Springthorpe. Is it the slightest bit odd that Rick’s son Liam has a last name very close to his father’s, but not quite? (Hmm, nevermind. I must thank the internet, yet again. Seconds before pushing the publish button, I wiki’d Rick. And his real name is Richard Lewis Springthorpe. Why change it? Springthorpe’s got a respectable ring to it. . .)

5 thoughts on “Springfield and Springthorpe”

  1. Perhaps the rationale for changing his own name was for celebrity purposes and I’m sure urged by a publicist or a manager ….that it was an easier last name to remember…but this is of course, a logical assumption…it only makes sense, doesn’t it??…..k

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