You Still Got a Thing for Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy PelosiOur Navy, while in the hundreds of thousands of Sailors, is really quite small. Part of my job is talking to ships, sort of a cross between customer service help-desk and Sherlock Holmesian interrogation. I am wary, trying to determine by conversing with the Division Officer if they actually need assistance or whether they are not using the equipment properly.

I called up a ship yesterday and was chatting away with the DivO. His name sounded almost familiar, but not quite. So, I grilled him carefully, politely. He was the same way with me.

And in talking to him, I asked him his prior job. He replied with the exact billet where I was last! We both were fliers out of the Middle East.

Hmmm, was this possible? Wait, I trained him! Except his email has a different first name. That’s right, he uses his middle name.

We laughed and chatted about our current jobs. And then I asked the question: you still got a thing for Nancy Pelosi?

He cracked up. I was the OIC of the flying detachment and I told the very trusting (country boy) Detachment Chief that the new Ensign had a little thing for Nancy Pelosi. And the Chief believed me. Mostly because the new Ensign was a prior Chief. And our Det Chief looked at anyone who would turn his back on the Goat Locker as crazy.

Nancy PelosiOne other thing, the new Ensign did not deny it immediately. He played along, like it was a big joke. (Which it was to me, but not the Det Chief!) He would laugh and act like he maybe had a little twinkle for the Speaker of the House.

Weeks went by and I would hear Chief ask the Ensign: You sure you don’t got a lil’ thang for Nancy Pelosi?

Moral of the story: Deny deny deny. . .

7 thoughts on “You Still Got a Thing for Nancy Pelosi?”

  1. Her Botox gives her away….or is it that last face lift? Surely, I must be exaggerating…the woman is as dumb as a ‘box of rocks’….but the people who continue to vote for her have even more boxes to their credit…….k

  2. That ain’t Botox, Kristen,

    It’s the results of swilling 3 bottles of Segrams 7 per day over 40 years.

    Hell, you should see her liver.

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