Dog Shoots Owner

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Florida, was shot by his dog, Bowser. A gun on Greg’s seat went off after the doggy knocked it over. Per the article: the dog will not be charged. (Note: Mr. Lanier’s pooch is not named Bowser. I made it up for this post.)

3 thoughts on “Dog Shoots Owner”

  1. Deja Vu All Over Again!

    Back in 1975 I was stationed at Avon Park Bombing Range. It was/is a large Air Force electronic bombing range (no explosives), swamp with ‘gators in the lake next to the Air Force base housing area, low security state prison (my barber, the one that worked outside the fence, was a triple murderer who was taking night classes) near the lake and the ‘gators, and a large state game preserve.

    Every November for the next eight weekends, the state opened up the base on Friday evening for hunters to come in and find a camping spot for hunting from Saturday and Sunday. The first weekend in November when we Air Force techies left the base Thursday afternoon, about a dozen pickups with campers were lined up outside the gate. On Friday afternoon, when we left before they started letting them in, the line was two miles long.

    When we came back in to work one Monday. I think the first one, all the talk was about the guy that had been shot in the head by his dog. He had a loaded rifle in the cab of his pickup, and his dog stepped on the trigger. I think he survived.

    If you check the map
    the base is in Sebring County. For you Rush fans, Port St. Lucie is ESE of the Avon Park Bombing Range.

  2. It’s a ‘gun dog’ thing; all dew claws and no fingers!

    Having said that…

    A Gun dog and a golden retriever are walking together when the Gun dog suddenly stops and turns to his friend “my life is a mess” he says, “my owner is mean, my girlfriend ran away with an English setter, and as I’m timid as a cat every time a gun goes off”

    “Why don’t you go see a psychiatrist?” suggests the retriever.

    “I can’t,” says the Gun dog. “I’m not allowed on the couch”…


    Yours Aye
    (And it’s almost Friday; yeeharrrr).

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