A True Reagan: Jhaqueil Reagan

I’ve held between 35 and 40 jobs in my life. I started working when I was 14 and have maintained a job steadily (with the exception of a semester in college and six weeks during a move to another state) since then. Most of my life, I’ve had two or three jobs at once. Only by joining the Navy have I been able to focus on one career.

When I read the story of Jhaqueil Reagan of Indianapolis, Indiana, I knew the details before I reached the end. I’ve been blessed by a couple of Art Bouviers (from the restaurant Papa Roux) like Jhaq has. These are great Americans. We work in this country.

On a related topic, I serve with a Navy civilian who started interviewing for weekend retail jobs. If the furloughs happen (due to sequestration), she will not be able to weather the 20% pay cut. And she must sell clothes to make ends meet.

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  1. That is a great story.

    We owned a little cafe years ago. At the beginning of the summer lots of young kids came in to ask for work. I remember a couple of girls coming in wearing mid-drift tops – giggling and being silly. They may have been good help, but since they did not know how to dress for a job, I did not think of hiring them. Then a young man came in – clean cut and dressed nicely. He was polite and willing – I hired him on the spot. He was a great kid. Later his mother told me that she was upset that he had gotten a job so easily and had wanted him to have to work at it. I told her that she did not understand how poor my choices were and that when someone great comes along, you snap them up.

    1. I love that you gave him a shot Lou. You gotta take a chance on some folks and he delivered. His mother is a little perplexing to me.

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