Chief Beaver Gets Petty Officer Hanke

11 thoughts on “Chief Beaver Gets Petty Officer Hanke

  1. I ain’t a-feared of no water pistol… (Austerity measures gone too far)?

    Quick dit…

    Cancun on a two week break; eight of us in a hired truck just crossing the border into Mexico; a certain person who shall remain anonymous (no names, no pack drill) brought along a small can of capsicum pepper spray in his small bergan; which ‘split’ open under pressure as we we were ‘low level flying’ at 80 mph… I can tell you now that adrenaline is brown in colour!

    We all thought we were doomed as the truck zig-zagged and snaked with the brakes locked on into oncoming traffic! (Marines do scream in high pitched ‘girly’ voices when required)…

    Still brings tears to my eyes as I think of it now.,d.d2k

    Yours Aye.

    • Capsicum I assume is a derivative of capsaicin (or cayenne pepper juice) used in a variety of arthritis pain reducing medications…you guys are funny…and doing this on a super highway into Mexico…wow you certainly possessed much in the way of bravery or was that stupidity? I don’t know, Ex Bootneck and I will never judge you…but an interesting highlight of a well-thought out plan…did you get a commendation for this???….k

      • Kristen my life flashed in front of me several times; though it may well have been the headlights of the vehicles whose side of the road I was on; and off; and on again; and off…etc.

        Needless to say each time we took a rest break we returned back to the truck and started crying all over again.

        We lost our deposit when returned the truck to the hire company; the guy who gave it the once over also burst into tears, which was not through compassion…

        Such is life in a Mexican hat, but a great time was had by all.


  2. While you are out in the big blue navy N1, if anybody asks if you want to do this, and they say it would be fun. Take a lead from Nancy Regan and “Just say No!”

  3. Kris: It is a demo, they have all gone through it!
    Jim: Hahaha!
    CP: (Snicker. . .)
    EB: Love the story and glad you all were okay. Or somewhat ok.
    mark: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOoooo!

  4. When I went through the police academy, it is a requirement here in Wisconsin that you have to be sprayed with CS, so you will know that you can still operate if you get hit with some.

    The instructor held up an all black can, and said, ” This is FOX, the best stuff there is, who is man enough to get FOXed”? Well, I had no choice, I was gonna get sprayed one way or the other, so I put my paw up. I later found out that the stuff your wife can buy to carry in her purse is around 80,000 to 100,000 Scoville Heat Units, that regular police grade is 500K to 1,000,000 Scovile heat Units, and FOX is 6.5 million. I though my face was going to fall off at first, and then I was afraid it would not! But i also know what is in my CS carrier on my bat belt.

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