Veterans and Their Guns

Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly wrote a fascinating piece on our government ruling veterans incompetent to handle their own financial affairs. But they may take it further and rule a vet’s level of incompetency so grave that he or she will not be allowed to own a weapon. (Hand Salute for the link: America’s Sergeant Major, who is daydreaming about live bayonet training.)

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  1. I suspect this is only wishful thinking…and after all, Navy One, didn’t Janet Napolitano, (head of DHS) make some claim that returning veterans could turn into right wing terrorists or some such nonsense? Just like the TEA Party? And this is the same woman who didn’t even comment on the OWS weenies with their known 444 criminal charges? Or did she?….The woman is certifiable…k

  2. For those not of the ‘cloth’…

    Any one can snap a round off towards the enemy in the heat of battle, it’s only afterwards a person can wonder at his actions and ask the question “did it hit, did it miss”?

    In the heat of battle when it comes to being up close and personal and the order is screamed out to “fix bayonets”; then, and only then, will you come to understand the feeling of real ‘blood letting misted rage’ as you reach down and grab the bayonets handle; to twist it downwards in preparation for the hard pull to release it from the scabbard.

    You hear (and feel) the draw of steel against steel as it pulls clear away, which is then followed by an audible, reassuring metallic click as it locks on, and into, the rifles bayonet boss.
    In your mind you are now ready, ‘aye ready’, cold hardened steel with thirsty blood grooves…

    I can tell you from harsh experience; that when America’s Sergeant Major is ready to leave his beloved Corps, his dreams will not cease, but magnify.

    Power to your elbow ASM.

    Yours Aye.

    1. EB,
      Since I have no military training, I cannot imagine what it takes to use fix bayonets. Several years ago while attending a Vietnam veteran’s reunion with my uncle, I sat with a man who told me such a story. He opened my “We Were Soldiers” book to a page that described a young soldier in hand-to-hand combat, “A tall, thin sergeant bayoneting a North Vietnamese in the chest. It was just like practice against the straw dummies: Forward, thrust, pull out, move on. One, two, three.” and he added, “That was me.” Retired Sergeant Rangel told me some other stories that were not in the book – stories about being airlifted out by Bruce Crandall after being wounded. Then he signed my book. I’m just in awe of such men.

      1. Lou,

        As a young Marine I and several other volunteers visited the ‘Royal Hospital Chelsea’ and spent the day socialising with the ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ as we assisted them around the Chelsea flower show.

        It was an emotional day to say the least, especially knowing that these elderly and infirm brave people (when in their prime of life) were prepared to sacrifice their all for the benefit of others.

        Some of the veterans I assisted fought in WW1. One warrior in particular spent over three years mainly at the front in the forward trenches. In the evening we attended a BBQ and drank like fish; I listened to war stories that were spoke through misty eyes; without malice or hatred.

        They classed the ‘Boche’ as their foe simply doing a job that they did them selves. Each to a man questioned the necessity and sanity of it all.

        Fixing bayonets prior to ‘going over the top’ (leaving the trench to face an onslaught of enemy fire) was an occupational hazard for them. But they did it, and often; leaving many friends behind in Flanders fields..

        I often joke that one day I will present myself to the Royal Gates of Chelsea and request a berth…,d.ZG4


  3. Just another step in the Left’s agenda to destroy the Warrior Caste and all other traditional institutions that Americans have trust & faith in.



    Un-armed Man is prey.

      1. The DHS paper titled, “Rightwing Extremism: Current
        Economic and Political Climate Fueling
        Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” was released 7 April, 2009 and can be read (if anyone so chooses) in full here –

        But, the two salient paragraphs are as follows –

        “…the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks…” & “Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists… DHS/I&A is concerned that right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize veterans in order to boost their violent capacities…”

        Amazing that DHS can refer to returning veterans as “potential terrorists” when they can’t bring themselves to refer to the real terrorists as- terrorists?


        1. I thought that as well Struan…since it’s quite obvious, they could well be referring to me…except I’m really not an expert marksman or anything like that…but that people who have served their country could be intentionally insulted and called names by the very people who would never dream of serving in the military at all and in fact insult them and their intelligence, is a staggering and obvious slap in the face to each and every one of us…I’m hardly surprised there are those who cannot even pronounce the word, ‘corps’ correctly and believe themselves intellectually superior to those of us who do …..k

  4. ASM: RGR, I understand.
    NCHTU: Good link, thanks!
    EB: I’ve heard the rally cry: Fix Keyboards! (Of course, our keyboards were broken and needed fixing.)
    Struan: Un-armed Man IS prey.
    Kris: I like your resolve!

    1. I tend to be philosophical about my own personal determination, Navy One…I never would have dreamt after I retired, my service would require me to stand up and be counted yet again; but it does…and I could no more deny this in the here and the now…there is no other response for me…so I’ll be there until I am called home ….k

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