Sophie Fontanel Meets Florence Colgate

French lass Sophie Fontanel wrote a book titled L’Envie. Oddly, the American translators decided to title it The Art of Sleeping Alone. I suppose the title of Envy might confuse American readers? At the bottom of the Atlantic article is a link to another of their pieces, this one on Britain’s most beautiful woman named Florence Colgate. This Colgate is not heir to the famously white toothepaste fortune. But rather, she works in fast-food:

Sophie Fontanel or Florence Colgate?
Sophie Fontanel or Florence Colgate?

Last year, a modeling contest claimed to have found the most beautiful woman in Britain: Florence Colgate, an 18-year-old who worked at a chip shop in Kent. As the Daily Mail later pointed out, Colgate’s face is nearly exactly symmetrical, with measurements matching ratios scientists have identified in the faces of exceptionally beautiful people: the distance between the pupils just less than half the distance between the ears, the distance from eyes to mouth just more than one-third the distance from hairline to chin.

Notice that they do not include a picture of young Ms. Colgate. I put her name into Google and got the above photo from a mixed-martial arts forum. It looks suspiciously like a Hilary Swank photoshop, no?

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  1. Handy woman to have around at christmas for cracking your nuts?

    Just an observation…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Kris: You gotta go to the link. It is Hilary Swank, photoshopped.
    Clark: Very much so.
    Lou: You’re so vain, you prolly think this song is about you.
    EB: Yikes! (Crossing my legs.) What were you saying?

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