A Sea of Poppies

 How had it happened that when choosing the men and women who were to be torn from this subjugated plain, the hand of destiny had stayed so far inland, away from the busy coastlines, to alight on the people who were, of all, the most stubbornly rooted in the silt of the Ganga, in a soil that had to be sown with suffering to yield its crop of story and song? It was as if fate had thrust its fist through the living flesh of the land in order to tear away a piece of its stricken heart.
–Amitav Ghosh, Sea of Poppies

A British soldier keeps watch while on foot patrol in a poppy field in Musa Qala, Helmand province, Afghanistan on March 28, 2009.
A British soldier keeps watch while on foot patrol in a poppy field in Musa Qala, Helmand province, Afghanistan on March 28, 2009.

5 thoughts on “A Sea of Poppies”

  1. With reference to Poppies. Allow me to place the following ‘verbiage’ taken from one of the UK’s newspapers.

    “Poppy-burning Muslims plan new ‘Hell for Heroes’ demonstration on November 11.
    An extreme Muslim group which caused outrage by burning a poppy last Remembrance Sunday is planning further disruption on November 11, with a twisted ‘Hell for Heroes’ campaign.
    The demo, which mocks the charity for injured soldiers Help for Heroes, is due to take place outside the Royal Albert Hall, the same location where a poppy was burned last year”.

    *Muslim Emdadur Choudhury, who burned the poppy, was fined just £50.*

    The following poem was a response to this Poppy burning ‘act’. The poem resonated around the UK, it’s intent quite clear for those who should wish to ‘step forward’ and continue with their campaign. (We have since woken up from our slumber)…

    This land was built from Blood and Tears
    The sacrifice of 2000 years,
    The Romans came, the Vikings, too,
    So why would we be afraid of you?

    But mark my words and mark them well,
    It was 1066 since we last fell.
    When it comes to a fight, we hate to lose,
    So Respect our Men or leave……
    you choose.

    Over 1000 patriotic English people turned up at the Royal Albert Hall, with many more blocking train stations to stop the movement of the Islamic group. Those that turned up were drawn from every walk of life, from teachers to ex service men. All with one intent; that it will no longer be tolerated.

    Yours Aye.

    1. You know, Ex Bootneck, I’m rather gratified to see this…and hear about it…I was beginning to think the British people were allowing this to continue to the detriment and the sacrifice of their own existence…please continue on …I’m certainly frustrated with it here…we have the lowest common denominator here in America where at least half the populace are by definition ‘as dumb as a box of rocks’ and want to live in continued ignorance….as you can tell, I’m fed up…k

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