Making Chief Petty Officers

I am reading Bill Randall’s article on Navy Chiefs titled: U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer initiation ill-advisedly abolished. And I can’t help but read all the comments. Some I agree with, others not so much. I like tradition when it advances the mission and makes our Sailors better at the job. As for hazing, it has no place in the Navy. And I don’t have an opinion on CPO 365, yet. I was, however, worried when I heard Chief’s initiation (transition) went away. We shall see what effect this has on our senior enlisted.

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  1. I see more rules forced on the Navy by those who have never served. I remember the firestorm raised when a video came out about paratroopers having their jump wings hammered into their chest by others when they earned their jump wings. The dudes took pride in those two little scars. But some momma raised a shit storm about her baby being hurt.

  2. As in the Corps, senior NCO’s we would “pin” a new NCO’s stripes on his arms. When I made Corporal I couldn’t lift my arms for a few days.

  3. I received a modified version of that every time and usually it was just a pro forma sort of thing…they’re taking away Chief’s initiation??? How positively disappointing…it made the trip more positive, alluring and interesting…why??

  4. Great article by Master Chief Randall I hope the E-9 of the Navy gets a chance to read it. Real Master Chiefs can admit when they make a mistake.

  5. If the Navy keeps on this wussyfication track it will have to start up an Office of Hazing Prevention probably headed by an Admiral, it has more of them than it has ships. OOPS.
    The NAVADMIN establishes the Navy Office of Hazing Prevention (OPNAV N137) as the lead entity for hazing policy and tracking substantiated cases. Within each command, hazing is tracked by assigned command managed equal opportunity (CMEO) program managers, equal opportunity advisors, and equal opportunity program managers, who will then work with commanding officers to ensure timely reporting of incidents.
    The above from..

  6. I remember back in the 70’s when we crossed the equator they made us do a lot of things that are probably outlawed now. Bring back Tradition!

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