One Peeved Jeep Cherokee

When have you heard of a vehicle described as: angrier or lumpier? Or that it looks like a grimacing Decepticon or that it has a polarizing face?

2014 Jeep Cherokee
2014 Jeep Cherokee

It does look face-like with that mouth. . .

11 thoughts on “One Peeved Jeep Cherokee”

  1. I guess if I had my druthers and didn’t like my crossover so much, I’d pick that Jeep….I like it….peeved or do you mean angry??….Doesn’t look like that to me…quizzical perhaps…..k

  2. Sort of lost its way for me, a little too edgy, especially with the grills on the ‘bonnet’ (hood)… The half grimace clown smile finish puts the last nail into its coffin.

    Yours Aye.

      1. Kristen

        I will have you know that I take several sense of humour pills daily!

        Though not required today, as I watched England thrash France in rugby… I also picked up a 12 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy from the rescue centre (she is a corker)… And I found a knife I thought I had long lost…

        Yours Aye.

        1. So, you have a new woman in your life…I’d say that makes it a red letter day for you, Ex Bootneck…it’s been a good day…k

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