Medal of Honor, Emil Kapaun

Emil Kapaun was already classified as a Servant of God by the Vatican. And come April, he will be a Medal of Honor recipient. Emil Kapaun, one brave chaplain. . .

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  1. Years back on my senior command course one of the Corporal (candidates) gave two lectures on the Korean War, the first was about the reasons why it happened, which also included the political build up to it, as well as the main characters and units involved.

    The second lecture chose the battle of the Chosin Reservoir as its main subject; in particular the actions of the USMC as well as a company of Royal Marines who fought, died, and froze to death alongside each other.

    They were excellent lectures, well rehearsed and very well presented. The Cpl who delivered them had spent months researching his subject right down to the ‘minutest detail’, using the Corps museum as well as the National Imperial War Museum archives.

    Later I asked what inspired him to pick such a topic, (especially when there were far easier lectures to deliver). He explained that his Grandfather was an Ex Bootneck who fought at Chosin, and like so many of his generation said very little of his experiences.

    This spurred me to read up on the same subject, both on Korea as well as the various memorable battles fought there; without poring through my book shelves I suppose I have read 20 historically fact backed books related to the same subject. Each as inspiring as the other, which include all services who endured and fought there. The war provided battle hardened men (and some mean instructors) that went on, and into, the Vietnam war.

    Some of the true accounts of the Korean war provide insights of great acts of valour and individual human sacrifice, given willingly and unselfishly to save others.

    People would probably expect a Priest of any denomination to serve on and look after ‘his flock’; but what Padre Emil Kapaun did was to go so much further and ultimately pay the price for his faith. A true hero who sits in a far better place now because of his actions and sacrifice for his fellow man.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Great story. Korea is almost as forgotten as Vietnam. I always make a point to speak to vets if they’ll chat with me. I love the fact that this Corporal took his work seriously.

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