Kate Ernest ‘n Her AR-15

AR-15 toting Kate Ernest gets the nod for comment of the week: It was poor advice, and it comes off a little sexist.  You probably even know whose comment she is talking about. . .

3 thoughts on “Kate Ernest ‘n Her AR-15”

  1. We had Biden’s equivalent in the last Labour Government; the Bumbling Buffoon known as John Prescott who was the Deputy Prime Minister. He was an utter walking disaster, who often put both feet in it every time he opened his mouth.

    A despicable hypocritical man through and through.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Well, Ex Bootneck, I don’t know about your country’s political and buffoonish Court Jesters, but Joe Biden certainly fills that position eminently well in this country….it’s a constant dog & pony show in the DC Beltway with Joe making a case for psychiatric certification all day every day….aren’t we lucky, Navy One to be so blessed with a cartoonish Vice President? The President actually looks professional and polished compared to Joe (“Use a Shotgun”) Biden….according to his co-workers and those he pals around with, Democrats all, oh, ‘that Joe’…..I’m glad I don’t have to deal with him and others far better equipped than I are prepared to do exactly that….I actually feel some pangs of sympathy for his wife….I think we should send our condolences…she certainly deserves them…..k

    1. EB: John Prescott? Hmm, sadly I am not familiar with his work. I may just venture over to YouTube.
      Kris: Jill biden does seem saintly in comparison.

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