Advertising to Recruit Spies

The Defense Clandestine Service (DCS): We value teamwork, integrity, agility, service, and the pursuit of excellence.  We always put service before self, team before individuals, and Nation above all else. We are mission focused.

9 thoughts on “Advertising to Recruit Spies”

  1. Advertise? I though that was on of those “tap you on the shoulder and say ‘We would like to talk to you for a minute.’ and lead them to an unmarked, black limo for a recruiting talk.”

      1. Never get into a vehicle, and if they say they are taking you someplace “safe” and “secure,” they are going to kill you.

        I just watched “knight and Day” – a fun movie.

    1. No, N1, Daniel Craig only plays the part of a spy; he’s not really a spy…but you know that…you don’t need me to tell you that…k

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