FBI Raids Scooter Store

Of primary worry to me is the Scooter Store. They could very easily be a front for some sort of (nefarious) terrorist after-school club. Good thing the FBI just raided them. Under the pretense that they are committing fraud. I’ve seen the ads with Doug Harrison and he is so convincing, I’ve almost considered getting one. (I’d soup that thing up with the engine-du-jour, a hybrid. Say, ten horsepower?)

10 thoughts on “FBI Raids Scooter Store”

  1. This scam stuff on the elderly has gotten out of hand. I’m glad the FBI raided them. My 81 year old mother is constantly bothered by medical supplies companies calling her wanting her to buy something. They have gone as far as calling her doctor to get something prescribed for her that she did not ask for. I guess it has gotten to be big business – but against the law. Book ’em Dano!

  2. CP: It already has air, right? In your face. . .
    Lou: Wow, I had no idea. That is not good.
    jon: That is pretty amazing. He better be careful.

  3. I heard about this too, Navy One…and I couldn’t believe it…I know when my aunt passed away almost twenty years ago, all those advertisers and other scam artists continued to send ads about their products to my mother…in fact before I moved away from Connecticut, I was still getting mail for that aunt…they never give up, do they??….talk about the heights of the ridiculous….and all that paper wasted….k

  4. They should contact the Free Syrian Army!

    Their ability to mount recoilless rifles as well as weld sheet plate ‘armour’ to every thing from donkey’s to pick up trucks, would see the Jihadist’s in general pick up the theme and run (or walk alongside at a snails pace) with it.

    The mind bogles at the variety such scooters could achieve.

    The following ‘Technical’ petrol tanker for your appraisal.

    Yours Aye.

  5. My dad has one of these. He is full of arthritis and has Fybromialgia too. I saw an add and told him to call them. He did and they sent him the paperwork. He gave it to his Dr. and a few weeks later they called to ask what color he wanted. He chose a candy apple red. They showed up at the house with the scooter, showed him how to use it and care for it and left. they didn’t rip him off or bug his Dr. to death. I have a woman down the street who cruises around on her Scooter store scooter. She cannot walk well and she goes to the store on this thing, her grand kids walk with her daily and it keeps her from being a shut in. Credit card companies call me and send me endless piles of paper for my trash can….. When are the Feds going after them?

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