Sequestration Fallout

At work, we’ve spent dozens of hours preparing for the dreaded s-word, sequestration. Truly, we have war-gamed it, mapping out plans for all sorts of contingencies. The irony, if I can apply irony to naval affairs, is we would have saved a lot of money (in not planning for four-five different outcomes) if we were told our direction. This would have enabled us to plan for one future, rather than hedging bets and trying to position our program properly in an uncertain destiny. We have run drills taking all sorts of percentage cuts. Would not that percentage cut have been smaller if we had known it months ago? We would have then saved the money that went into trying to plan for a variety of outcomes.

Should sequestration occur, the following will also happen: The deployments of 10 destroyers will be cancelled, including seven tasked with missile defense. Four aircraft-carrier air wings will be “shut down.” The Navy will “Reduce Investment in ships, aircraft, weapons, R&D” by $7.75 billion. Should a crisis break out somewhere in the world in 2013, only one aircraft carrier strike group will be available for deployment.

5 thoughts on “Sequestration Fallout”

  1. A dismal future Navy One…but I believe it’s all a bluff…$44 billion dollars of military cuts remains a drop in the bucket when you speak of ‘baseline’ budgeting….and tell me, where are those Senate Democrats’ budgets for the last four years? Haven’t seen a one….we have a truly sorry CIC….and as you know he could care less about America, Americans or our military….his future isn’t that certain without you and AD military…this is all very troubling; hang tough….I do worry about you and your brothers and sisters in arms….in any event, I stand with you as all of us who have a connection to our country’s military should….k

  2. He held the military and old folks hostage before and got his way. I just wish someone (or a group of someones) in DC would stand up to him and block everything he tries. America needs to get back on its feet and it will not happen with him or a democrat in office.

  3. Navy One, I hope all goes well for you regarding the looming sequestration. From a civilian point of view, it is quite maddening. I can’t imagine what it must be like for military folks.


  4. ‘Barry’ appears to have read and understood every passage and page from his Book of Socialism.

    Our previous Socialist Government done exactly the same thing, and we are reaping the withered crop from their planted seeds. The tide turned against them, which is something this country will not forget in a long time.

    You will benefit in the same way the next time around, and the damage will be repaired; the effect of it will take a long time to forget, which is a good thing as it will make decision taking far easier.

    Yours Aye.

  5. Kris: We certainly live in interesting times.
    CP: It is interesting that the Navy is taking to Twitter.
    Lauren: We are apolitical in uniform, but it can be frustrating.
    EB: Thanks for the pep talk, Mate!

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