Lightsabers and Guns

Alain Bloch is a Jedi Master of the Golden Gate Knights. And he teaches young padwans the lightsaber. He is not the only one advocating weapons training. Our ol’ buddy ol’ pal, Roseanne Barr said this: Arm the women of the world–send guns and ammo everywhere–train them to make clean headshots. Wow, hell hath done frozen over.

7 thoughts on “Lightsabers and Guns”

  1. It appears Navy One, we have either entered the world of Star Wars or the Twilight Zone…I have a huge problem with Roseanne Barr….she is perhaps one of the, dare I say it, most ignorant and staggeringly unknowledgeable people in Hollywood culture….she thinks she knows something as far as politics is concerned, when the exact opposite is true…and then she runs for political office, or thinks she does without a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning….we could also comment on the availability of Ashley Judd who thinks she has a shot at the US Senate seat in the state of Kansas, running as a Democrat….the world is 180 out and we’re living in an alternate universe….this is sad but true….what did they say about truth being stranger than fiction??….k

  2. Roseanne who? Star Wars and light saber lessons are much more interesting than a run-of-the-mill Hollywood moonbat. Californians learn to tune these sorts of kooks out…
    Did anyone notice that Alain looks like a young Obi Wan?

    1. And I have to wonder Navy One, if Roseanne is being sarcastic or serious; she does have a penchant for that sort of cynicism…I also found it odd she recommended women learn to shoot perpetrators of those attacking them in the head…it’s too strange since it contradicts everything liberal and leftist she’s ever said….so, who knows, a moment of clarity perhaps?….or just another off the farm attack? Ms. Barr isn’t well-known for being consistent on very many things…..k

  3. Well it’s 02:14hrs here at the moment, and I have just had to bite my tongue to see if I was awake, sleep walking or just dreaming… The trickle of blood and the explosion that just went off in my mouth means I am really awake, and I actually did read about some ‘half-wit’ Jedi master who think the Universe belongs to him… more Hollywood ‘la-la’ land…

    I will not even comment on R. Barr as I value my brain cells far too much to even speak of her… (Drat-just-did)?

    Yours Aye.

    1. The problem is that there are real people who go through life like this. I would suggest that he joins the uniformed service. We may have not have light sabres, but we do have other toys. And sorry about the Roseanne Barr trap. Just be thankful I did not include her lovely picture.

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