Chubbs, Big Irfan, or Irfan Naseer?

I’ve long felt that I coulda (shoulda) been a helluva horse jockey, but was unfairly discriminated against because of my height. I can relate to Chubbs or Big Irfan:

Chubbs, Big Irfan, or Irfan Naseer
Chubbs, Big Irfan, or Irfan Naseer

The ‘four lions*’ gang that planned the biggest terrorist atrocity the UK has faced in a generation was led by a 23-stone chemist deemed too fat to be a suicide bomber.

Nicknamed ‘Chubbs’ and ‘Big Irfan’ by his fellow plotters, it was Irfan Naseer’s bulky frame that helped him to work on his bomb-making skills while at training camps in Pakistan.

The 31-year-old was too overweight to go on physical training exercises, and admitted he was mixing chemicals rather than ‘running up and down the mountains with weapons’.

Naseer gained an A at A Level chemistry, and honed his skills during a four year pharmaceuticals course at Aston University in Birmingham, coming out with a 2:2 degree in 2003.

He barely worked afterwards and spent his time showing his fellow terrorists how to make a bomb out of sports injury treatments.

His fascination for science first began during experiments at school while studying for GCSE chemistry classes, when the teacher showed him how to distil chemicals with a Bunsen burner.

‘When I was doing my GCSEs, one of the teachers did an experiment where he had a Bunsen burner and he threw a chemical on to the fire’, he told the court.

*The other “lions” are named Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali. Except there are only three of ’em.

5 thoughts on “Chubbs, Big Irfan, or Irfan Naseer?”

  1. Seems to me; just an observation of course, many of these potential terrorist wannabes have a continuing problem with personal hygiene…Chubbs himself with weight control…it’s been my contention, Muslim men have dating issues….it’s amazing; perhaps this is a response to feminism? I foresee a rather rocky future with leftists of all stripes both men and women on this score….just viewing it in the most objective of fashions….k

  2. The good thing about Chubs being so big… the aim doesn’t have to be that accurate. Just throw it up and pull the trigger. You can’t miss.

  3. These people live amongst us, work alongside us; and are prepared to take as many of us as they can in the name of their prophet and their religion.

    I am so grateful that we do have a ‘Security Service’ that has the capability to block & stop the same.
    Sadly we all have to endure an atrocity to make us wake up and re-focus.

    The boys with the biggest toys will win, and they are in our intelligence arsenal; not theirs.

    Yours Aye.

  4. Well, I’m thinking Navy One, there’s gonna be a big one…and re-evaluation and reassessment will be in order…they’ll never relinquish their ideology just the people who failed in their deliverance of it…k

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