Chesty, Marine Corps Mascot

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  1. As the current human to 3 English Bulldogs, I can say that they are the most adorable fun loving, squishy dogs ever. But the one thing I never understood, is why the Marine Mascot. If you know EBD they you also know they are lazy. They would rather sit on the couch and watch tv then go outside most of the time. If some one broke into my house, I joke that they would lay on the couch to protect it! But maybe mine have been the exception. On the flip side here in Chicago a few years ago a bulldog broke down the door to his owners room, because there was a fire in the house.

    We love our bullies, all rescues, so if you want a EBD or any other dog, remember DON’T SHOP, ADOPT!!! May great dogs out there need a new awesome life!
    ( I will get off my soap box now.)

    • The history behind the English Bulldog is quite interesting, the breed itself was the initiator for the Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier etc.

      The original EBD was the start of the ‘canine gladiator’ stock, (of which todays EBD would bear little resemblance). Though it’s temperament has also changed, it still maintains the best attributes.

      The disposition of todays EDB should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive as was back then)!

      Back in the 1500’s the EBD was a hard dog stripped [US = ‘ripped’] for action, and a worthy guard dog held in the highest regard by many taverns and places of business, that dealt in market wares and money exchanges (hence the ‘olde’ English names given to them; Watchman, Keeper, Gripper, Buckshot, etc).

      Where I ‘used’ to selectively breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers (not in ‘person’ you understand); a close friend of mine selectively breeds and promotes the well being of EBD’s, of which, moves are a foot to bring the breed back to a physical standard that will ensure longevity over current health issues; whilst still maintaining its incredible nature. This standard is being introduced by The UK’s Kennel Club as well as the American Kennel Club, (as well as other KC’s around the world), who have all agreed on the standard.

      I agree with you with regard to buying from breeders, especially when the person has no intention of showing them in competitions (which has its place in society as it does maintain the breeds standard, and promotes education and true canine values).

      Thankfully the UK outlawed ‘canine’ puppy shop sales 30 years ago; only recommended breeders registered with the Kennel Club hold such authority, which is closely monitored.

      Tomorrow I am off to a Rescue Centre to pick up a 12 week old ‘Staffie’ bitch that requires re-homing, which obviously will be ‘my/our’ home after 13:00hrs!


      • Got any pictures of the new girl?

        I have heard that if you want to see what the EBD was look at the current American bulldog.

        N1, yes it is less expensive, but it is better in the long run for the dog, the breed, and the person. There is nothing better then the look of love from a dog or cat that you rescued, some on death’s door due to over crowding, and the felling that you did something good. Makes you want to rescue them all.

  2. mark: My Senior Chief just got one and she echoes your observations. And good advice on the adoptions, it is probably cheaper that way too.
    EB: Hmmm, EBD does not stand for Ex Bootneck Dog? (Just kidding.) I looked up the real EBD and they look like great dogs. Congrats on your new EBD!
    Lauren: Do I see a new dog in your future?

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