Why Wearing a Military Uniform Properly Is Important

In the post on rapper Fifty Cent, and his wearing of the Marine Corps uniform, some bright light named Kyle said:

Wow, what complete ignorance on this post. Lets get one thing straight. He’s an entertainer. Please tell me the difference between the movie and video besides the length. Nothing. Both are meant to tell a story. To my knowledge this was worn for a video shoot. So can you tell every actor to take the blues off to? Oh and he’s made close to 10 movies and one where he is in the military. And to Blaine, he cant read or write? Bet Midler didnt think that when him and her went back to his old neighborhood to fix up an old park in his neighborhood. The World Food Program certainly knows he can read since he’s trying to feed 1billion people in Africa. The man is involved with many charities. So before your ignorance takes over, ask yourself what have you done lately.

Fifty Cent was wearing the uniform for his Rider Pt. 2 video. Go to this link for a peek. Some of the commenters at the Battle Rattle site see fit to compare the rapper’s lousy wearing of the uniform to Jack Nicholson or Ed Harris wearing a military uniform in a movie. The thing is, both those actors wore the uniform properly. Others took aim at Cpl. Matthew Schafer, saying he had not deployed or that he was not a real Marine. This cleared it up:

He is a real Marine- I helped recruit and put him into the Marine Corps myself. He actually was awarded an NROTC scholarship but for some bizarre reason his father made him turn it down and go enlisted instead. Furthermore, you don’t have to deploy to die for your country. I lost 2 marines in a training accident in Wyoming. It’s the fact that you have raised your hand and sworn to give your life if it comes down to it that counts. While I may not agree with his language or approach, you have to admit that the way that 50 cent is wearing is definitely less than honorable. I have my own opinions but that is a different issue. Also, to those of you railing against him, remember before you attack him that he has sworn to die for your very right to do so, so please remember that. Semper Fi

Wearing the uniform with respect is important for the sole reason that men have died wearing it. Better men than Jack Nicholson, Ed Harris, or Fifty Cent.

7 thoughts on “Why Wearing a Military Uniform Properly Is Important”

  1. There is the land of celebrity and make believe, and there is the land of reality.

    The choice was easy for me; the land of reality! It sits high above ‘la-la’ land and the view allows an individual to look down at those poor bewildered souls beneath, who fight for fame and crave recognition for doing sweet FA!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Don’t get all this do good shit you claimed he did…he didn’t write a fucking check. He has his handlers, his publicists and accountants to line this stuff up and make any payments IN HIS NAME. And wearing a uniform for a movie is totally different than wearing one in public trying to look cool. I admire some of his endeavors, but I don’t care how many chances he had to put boots on the ground…HE DIDN’T.

  3. And that about sizes the whole thing up….talk about someone who is criticizing us for pointing out the obvious….and speaking of ignorance Kyle, I strongly urge you to look in a mirror before you criticize us as messengers….you’ve haven’t the wherewithal, the knowledge or the stamina to point out anything to people who have already been there and done that…Fifty Cent hasn’t done a damn thing that commends him for anything…except that he’s worn parts of a uniform that isn’t his by right to wear…freedom of expression, you might say….and he’s expressed himself inadequately and incorrectly….and we call your opinion ignorance and it is…ours happens to be knowledge based on experience….and proper wearing of the uniform….k

  4. EB: RGR that. It is better to live a quiet honest life, than some high-falutin’ bs one.
    CP: Very true. If he thought well of the troops, let him get out to Iraq and Afg like many others did.
    Kris: Concur. A tool. . .

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