Get Sweetish for Pauline Nordin

PT365, a blog focused on (guess what) PT just welcomed a new vlogger on-board, Pauline Nordin. The Swedish native, I’m sure, gets her folks to work hard just by her sweetish approach. Love the Megadeth sweatshirt.

7 thoughts on “Get Sweetish for Pauline Nordin”

  1. What ever floats your boat!

    Personally I think it is hideous and out of control, unless it is specific and a requirement for a job i.e. kick starting Jumbo Jets on cold mornings etc… I just don’t get it when ‘over’ development is pro ported to be body sculptured beautiful?

    Sadly such body development does actually fit within a mental health bracket.

    Yours Aye.

  2. CTT: Aww, she’s got some good gouge.
    Lou: That is true.
    Kris: Neither do I, but I thought she had some very good info.
    EB: I do not find it attractive at all, either. But I like her fitness tips.

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