Sergeant Jeffrey Chafin Wins Kid Back

Soldiers, be ‘ware of Scottish ladies. Sergeant Jeffrey Chafin, once married to Lynne Hales, won a Supreme Court victory to win Eris Hales Chafin, his kid, back.

4 thoughts on “Sergeant Jeffrey Chafin Wins Kid Back”

  1. Sadly every one loses under such circumstances and my heart goes out to all concerned.

    My belief is that Sergeant Jeffrey Chafin will have to endure visits to Scotland, which initially will be closely monitored in a secure environment. The reasons being are as follows…

    Scottish Law is different to English Law, which will play a significant part under the circumstances. The Father will endure huge costs both in the Scottish courts as well as the US legal system via his appointed lawyers. The mother will be provided with the best Legal Representatives through the Scottish Legal Aid System at no cost what so ever.

    The following link will show you a diagram that explains the workings of the Heraldic Courts of Scotland (which is a good working system, not stymied by paper work and bluster).

    Mix this system in with the ‘Human Rights Act’, and I feel that the daughter will have to make her own mind up where she belongs when she comes of age!

    In Scotland the Law always sides with the Mother, (almost 99.999% of the time). This Scottish woman and her young daughter will not be parted by any Scottish Supreme Court.

    The ruling Scottish National Party also requires popularity among its voters, this is also a winner for them to say “It will no happen this fine day, ye ken”!
    (The ‘Jocks’ are only a small nation, but they have always stirringly punched above their fighting weight successfully).

    Once again may I say that there are no winners under the circumstances, and my belief is that the young daughter’s welfare is the main priority over every thing else.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I agree that the young child’s welfare should be the number one priority. And I hope the family, the US courts, and the Scottish courts work it out. (That picture you linked shows a lot of bureaucratic red-tape. Can we call it Scotch tape?)

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