A Female Marine Staff Sergeant Drinks Cobra Blood

Cobra Gold 2013 is a Marine exercise in Thailand that incorporates jungle survival techniques. And below is a female Marine Staff Sergeant drinking cobra blood:

Thai Marine Exercise, Cobra Gold 2013, an annual, multi-national military training program that incorporates jungle survival techniques.
Thai Marine Exercise, Cobra Gold 2013, where a female Marine Staff Sergeant drank cobra blood.

Yummy. . .

8 thoughts on “A Female Marine Staff Sergeant Drinks Cobra Blood”

  1. Hmmm?

    Can I just throw a spanner in the works here without being a ‘kill joy’?

    Obviously this is a photo opportunity for the folks back home as drinking blood in a survivalist situation is a ‘no-no’ when the body is dehydrated, whether from a reptile, wild *pig or a *cow etc (*follow the same beasts and they will lead you to water).

    You can digest blood as it is a form of protein, it simply gets broken down in the stomach. However; it can, and will, make you sick, just like eating anything your body hasn’t become accustomed to until you get use to it.

    Being sick will dehydrate the body further, it also ‘bungs up’ the body and stops bowel movements. This in turn slows down the bodies resources, restricting movement, which in turn restricts that persons search and survival capacity.

    A lot of reptiles also carry micro parasites within their blood system, so if they have them; guess what? Now you have…
    (Ever seen any Thai Marines with yellow eyes, as opposed to ‘whites of their eyes’? Their kidneys are saying; “please no more snake juice”).

    If people want to ‘man up’ at the end of jungle warfare training, drink this cobra fluid…

    After a three week jungle warfare survival exercise it will knock you flat on your backside, and you will not pick up any micro parasites from the amber fluid (you even get 10cents back on the empty bottle)!

    Yours Aye.

    1. Aww, man you are kill-joy! I just got back from my local pet store. They had some dead snakes and (after seeing my brave fellow service-members drink the blood) I acquired some snake elixir. I am just about to take a shotful of it. But after reading your missive, nevermind.

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