Saddleback College’s Ali Syed

An unemployed Saddleback College student named Ali Syed killed four people today, including himself, across the Tustin, Santa Ana, and Ladera Ranch neighborhoods. His motivation, I don’t know. But this comment was interesting, errors notwithstanding:

we all know by now prescrition anti depressants are causing these issues, either lower the dosing, stop adding prescriptions on top of prescriptions or better yet… hold the pharmaceutical industry responsible and see how fast the killings stop.

Anti depressants cause the problem? I’ll say it again, PT is the best anti-depressant.

6 thoughts on “Saddleback College’s Ali Syed”

  1. Well, let me guess, he was a “Self hating Jew”?
    I think not, but we’re not gonna go there, as the “War on Terror” is over and Al Queda is no longer a threat. Obama told me so.
    Just as he told Christopher Stevens. He was, however, unavailable for comment…

  2. The self-loathing Jew is the common antithesis to reality….and we always wonder why they pop up….well, here go folks and humanity’s notion of ‘interesting times’…..that old Chinese maxim or is it a curse??…k

  3. NavyOne I totally agree with you; a good old ‘Phys’ session beats the blues every time. The more chemicals we come to rely upon the more we walk the opposite way from the true meaning of life.

    The circumstances look similar to the previous post referring to Mindy McCready, which is a sad reflection on a waste of life in general. It just needed some one in the right place at the right time with a concealed weapon, with the capability of taking the right decision at the appropriate moment.

    Obviously ‘time and opportunity’ was observing its wrong ‘fields of fire’ that day?

    Yours Aye.

  4. Lou: I agree, a gun in the car is a good idea.
    Kris: Interesting times and all that. . .
    EB: My last two PT sessions have been brutal. Sprints, pull-ups, shoulder presses, you name it. I am super sore. And happy.

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