Baleegh Hamdy Shakes It

I’ve never given two shakes for Baleegh Hamdy’s television channel, al-Tet, but it is annoying all the right people. The Egyptian-American is planning Bom Tak, another channel dedicated to the same art form. . .

5 thoughts on “Baleegh Hamdy Shakes It”

  1. Although it is an art form and good cardio, I have never cared for belly dancing. So I have no dog in the fight. Show it or don’t. It’s another country’s fight. I’ll stick to porn.

  2. Some Islamic nations endorse it and arrange competitions around it, there are some who frown upon it yet will allow it to happen behind closed doors. It remains a ‘Turkish delight’ for the more moderate of Muslims who relish the wobbly flesh. The choice of the Islamic extremists is quite obvious…

    Horses for courses within the muslim world of hypocrisy.

    And for this call sign… I have always found it to be a ridiculous turn off!

    Yours Aye.

  3. I had a roommate who I shared the rent at Corry Station in Pensacola that pursued an interest in ‘belly dancing’….whether it’s Egyptian or otherwise, it’s indeterminate to me…she really needed the exercise anyway….k

  4. CP: I don’t care for BD either.
    EB: I once went to a restaurant with my aunt. And they had bellydancing. Me and my aunt were the only customers. And the bellydancer gave us a private dance. I thought the chubby lady was going to eat me she was looking at me so ravenously.
    CP: Bellydancing at Corry Station. . .

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