All Around Pizza’s Jay Laze

All Around Pizza owner, Jay LazeEven though it sits in a hotbed of naval bases, I’ve never eaten pizza at the Virginia Beach joint, All Around Pizza. The owner Jay Laze has a unique way of getting customers in. And yes, it involves the 2nd Amendment and generous discounts. His delivery drivers open-carry as well. . .

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  1. After a cross training exercise with the USMC around the vast training areas of Carolina, the whole of 3 Commando Brigade RM holed up at Camp Lejune for some down time. I and another SNCO were despatched to return a piece of ‘specialist equipment’ to Little Creek, Virginia Beach, which turned out to be a five day adventure; resulting in numerous pounds of weight piling on (which we were good for, being lean mean fighting machines).

    I have never known hospitality quite like it. I have never eaten so much pizza, burger, ribs, fries, etc, etc, or attended so many B-B-Q’s ever; as I did in those five days. Beer was on tap and totally self-inflicted!

    Turning up in rig, driving a Royal Marine Commando forces marked Land-Rover made us stick out like a sore thumb, which in turn was a blessing?

    Travelling along Virginia Beach Expressway (completely lost) was an epic in itself (with much finger pointing at us and our vehicle, along with the mouthed words of “WTF is that thing”). It was only when we pulled off, and into, a McDonald’s for a coffee (and a bit of map reading) that we literally bumped into a USN shore patrol truck, whose occupants were topping up on ‘big eats’.
    After a short exchange and a coffee we were escorted to our destination (you just can’t beat local knowledge).

    Great memories…

    Yours Aye.

  2. CP: Could be some good pie!
    EB: Glad to see you were treated well. And I am not surprised the Navy delivered you to your final destination, we do the same for your leather-necked cousins.

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