Mindy McCready Shot the Dog?

I’ve written before on my lack of understanding about suicide. Singer Mindy McCready recently committed suicide, leaving behind two young kids. And she shot her dog too:

Mindy McCready suicide, she kills the dog
Yikes- not the dog too, Mindy McCready!

Authorities say they found country singer Mindy McCready’s body on the same porch of her northern Arkansas home where her boyfriend was found dead of an apparent suicide last month.

Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss said Monday that it appears McCready killed her late boyfriend David Wilson’s dog before she turned the gun on herself Sunday. The dog and McCready were found dead next to one another the home in Heber Springs. . .

I’m more sympathetic to the suicide of German billionaire Otto Beisheim, the founder of Metro. I understand his plight; Mindy’s not so much.

9 thoughts on “Mindy McCready Shot the Dog?”

  1. We can put men on the moon, surgically attach a donor face onto a persons skull, unravel the mystery of DNA, and yet the greatest minds still do not understand the complicated issues attached to mental illness.
    I too find it hard to understand why the dog had to be taken in such a way, but sadly that is part of the tapestry of the illness.

    Although I do not the know the full story attached to the demise of Otto Beisheim; I do fully understand his right to end his own life with dignity and not become a burden on others.

    One can only hope that those left behind can eventually come to terms with their loss.

    Yours Aye.

  2. She had tried to kill herself before – while drinking and taking pills. So, for me, she is not a big loss to the world and may have done her kids a favor. But any compassion I MIGHT have had went out the window when she shot the dog. Good riddance.

  3. i heard that too and couldn’t believe she would do that to a poor dog….her own life was a mess apparently with both drink and drugs….it’s a shame her children will have that cross to bear for their lives…hopefully there are grandparents available to raise these to unfortunate children……k

  4. Mindy was a slow moving train wreck…
    The real victims are those left behind to deal with the aftermath.

  5. EB: My one rule of thumb is that I can never be down if I am utterly sweating my brains out. And it has served me well for years.
    CP: I know, the pooch didn’t deserve that.
    Kris: I surely hope so.
    Lauren: A trainwreck is right.

  6. I am wondering if she shot the dog in thinking it would accompany her into the afterlife, where she and the dog would be reunited with David Wilson. That’s the only “logical” explanation I can come up with, of course she was not in a logical frame of mine. I just think she took the dog with her to meet him.

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