The Jihad Seeker’s Allowance

I’ve always known it existed, I’ve just never seen anyone actually talk about the jihad seeker’s allowance. (Where foreigners go on the dole as a way not to work, but rather to engage in jihad.) I hand it to Anjem Choudary. I loathe the man, but respect his honesty.

6 thoughts on “The Jihad Seeker’s Allowance”

  1. This despicable man has just created a rod for his own back. He has since withdrawn his remark and stated that he was ‘misunderstood & misquoted’.

    Too late sunshine; the wrath of the Department of Health & Social Security is heading your way, and as the bulk of your followers are ‘dole wallahs’ any way, I would think their assistance will be under scrutiny. You have just hammered another nail into your coffins cause.

    Yours Aye.

  2. And I would add, Ex Bootneck, all these interlopers should be escorted to the nearest plane and returned to the abysmal hellhole they all came from….I’d like to see that happen here in the US as well…these people aren’t any different than the Nazis who inhabited the US prior to WWII (and there are pictures) and there were quite a few million of these type of supporters back then..something the left in this country will never admit to ….at least not now…. but when the separation between the left and Muslims come, it will be swift and it will decisive because those Islamic hypocrites will do something that defines who they really are and is completely antithetical to what their sycophantic politically correct and multiculturally diverse Democrat supporters really believe…although it’s hard to imagine anything these leftist idiots would disagree with in their efforts to please Islamic fascists…ideology you know…we’ll see though….something’s bound to happen…look at the rift between Soviet Union communists and Germany’s Nazis in the midst of WWII…and then realize it will inevitably happen….just when is the question….k

    1. But CP, we here in the US are well on the same path as those in Britain and in most of Europe…and all thanks to the ministrations of Obama and his leftist minions….it’s pathetic and we cannot and should not allow it to continue….and it’s turning Europe into that hellhole already…who knew when I was stationed in Britain years ago, it would turn into this? I certainly didn’t….k

      1. Kris: The separation will be swift and mighty.
        CP: Aw c’mon! We are pals with GB. Although I hate to see what happened with their great country.

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