Distinguished Warfare Medal Petition

Here you go, a petition to lower the armchair quarterback medal: Nearly 5,000 people have signed an online petition urging the White House to demote the new medal intended to honor drone pilots and other service members who affect combat operations without actually being in a combat zone.

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  1. I have thought about this issue long and hard, mainly because it will eventually effect our own fly boys that are based in the US conducting the same ‘operations’. They do deserve recognition in some format, perhaps a citation, or a letter of merit associated to a general purpose medal that is issued in theatre?

    I do know that there is speculation as to how such a medal can be accrued through time served, and just to who, or which ranks. Pilots are the obvious first choice, but there are also maintenance staff that work the same protracted hours supporting the drone pilots.

    Personally I would feel humiliated to wear the same medal as those who have actually served in theatre and earned it the hard way. Certainly they would be open to ridicule by the general military populace who have served.

    Not an easy one, but what ever the choice, please do not let it be associated with valour! That pill would be far too bitter to swallow.

    Yours Aye.
    (Apologies for ‘droning’ on)

      1. Kristen, I keep forgetting to ask how you are after your health issue…

        I trust you are back to normal?


        1. Well, to tell you the truth, Ex (naughty) Bootneck, I am finally rejuvenated and back to my normal self…after a sore throat, laryngitis and feeling generally lousy for almost two weeks, all is well…I have no idea what it was… cold, flu or virus…probably totally irrelevant…it took a week for me to get back on the Nordic Track…but I’m there again…..so I guess you’d say, everything is back to normal….thanks for the inquiry….k

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  2. I know for years before 9-11 in the CA National Guard, the office pogues would have all kinds of awards and those of us who actually went to fight the floods, fires and earthquakes got nothing.

  3. The DWM just one more wedge by this administration in their continuing attempt to divide us ( U.S. ) .
    DADT, Gals on Subs, Gals in Combat, Guns, Sequestration, Taxing Tanning Booths etc.etc. all brought to you by the Divider in Chief.

  4. EB: Sure, give them something, just not this.
    Kris: Glad you are back to fighting strength! Please don’t. Fight.
    CI RD: That is sad. It should be the opposite.
    ND: A painful list. . .

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