A Carl Gustav Angel

4 thoughts on “A Carl Gustav Angel

  1. The No 1 (firer) receives a hell of a ‘whump’ from the concussive shot as the round leaves the barrel.
    As the No 2 (loader) on this beast I have suffered a singed moustache on several occasions from the curling back-blast.

    And as the good book says:
    The Carl-Gustaf system is a true multi-role, man-portable ‘artillery system’ that allows the user to defeat armoured vehicles, even with add-on armour protection (explosive reactive armour); destroy landing craft and bunkers, blast breach holes through brick and concrete walls, knock out concealed troops, deploy a smoke screen, and even turn night into day.

    The versatility of the system, with several different types of ammunition, allows the user to quickly respond to a wide range of ground threats. It can be fired using the standing, sitting, and prone position.

    150 meters against tanks.
    700 meters against stationary targets.
    1000 meters against stationary targets with rocket-boosted ammunition.

    This weapon was used with great effect in the Falklands War against Argentinean troops who were bunkered down in defensive positions. Several ‘Charlie-G’s were fired in volleys at their positions as the attack went forward, which was an awesome sight to behold.

    True ‘shock & awe’!

    Yours Aye.

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