Royal Navy Warship Numbers

The slow decline in warship numbers should be troubling for allied navies, in this case the Brits: Development of the numbers of different types of Royal Navy warships (including RFA amphibious ships) since 1980. Only active and commissioned units are included; consequently training and reserve vessels are not. The numbers for each year are for January, 1. The graph shows the sharp decline in numbers of frigates, destroyers and submarines as a cause of the end of the Cold War (years 1991 to 1995), the Labour austerity measures (years 2005 to 2007) and finally the Conservative austerity measures (years 2010-).

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And the same thing in Deutsch (curiously included on the page): Entwicklung der Anzahl der verschiedenen Kriegsschifftypen der Royal Navy (inklusive den Landungsschiffen der RFA) seit 1980. Ausschliesslich aktive und in Dienst gestellte Einheiten sind aufgeführt; Trainings- und Reserveschiffe sind foglich nicht einbezogen. Die Daten sind jeweils für den 1. Januar des entsprechenden Jahres. An der Graphik ist der starke Rückgang an Fregatten, U-Booten und Zerstörern aufgrund der Abrüstung in der Folge des Endes des Kalten Krieges (Jahre 1991 bis 1995), der Sparmassnahmen der Labour Regierung (Jahre 2005 bis 2007) und schliesslich der Sparmassnahmen der Conservative Regierung (Jahre 2010-) ersichtlich.

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  1. Each and every time a Socialist Labour Government regains power they spend it all on their socialist dreams, which in turn becomes the populations nightmare. Time and again they bankrupt the country and require a new Conservative party to step back into power to regenerate the country back to form. The Conservatives are then required to run the country on a bare minimum to to claw back the financial reserves to build, by which time the stupid sheep want to see change, and back comes the Red Flagged Socialists to destroy it all again.

    What spending cuts we see now are the previous Governments (Labour) legacy and that of Tony ‘Bliar’ and Gordon ‘Broon’. They both should be tried for treason and hanged! In their youth at university they all started out as Champagne Socialists Trotskyites and Communists, they couldn’t run a bath never mind a country.

    It is understandable that as technology progresses we do not require such a large surface fleet, but we still require a fleet that is capable of defending this countries Foreign interests, which means standing strong and alone without Europe’s assistance.

    We still have an ‘English’ Channel that requires patrolling…

    Yours Aye.

    1. This must cause the unnecessary gnashing of teeth over there. We have a similar problem over here in terms of naval production. The question is why the “people” install these clowns to power in the first place.

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