Raechel Richards Fights for SGT Robert Richards

The perils of drawing-out (what should have been) swift justice have hit home. Real estate agent Raechel Richards is now fighting for her husband’s name. SGT Robert Richards, a sniper team leader with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, out of Camp Lejeune is one of the Marines accused of urinating on some fallen Taliban fighters:

Raechel Richards launched a website to raise donations for her husband’s defense. Sgt. Robert Richards
Raechel Richards launched a website to raise donations for her husband’s defense. Sgt. Robert Richards.

Right there, he should’ve been punished, rather than turning this into an international incident. Half-a-month’s pay, a month’s pay or something more serious. But it should have been swift. This is utterly ridiculous. . .

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  1. If only they could see what Marines do to each other and it is forgiven. Heck peeing where you should not is just an azz whuppin and extra duty (in the 80’s). As a Cpl and then a Sgt I did not even log it in. Just woke the guy in the morning and made him clean his mess up…… No reason to ruin a career. If they new the stuff I pulled (oh they tried to find out) my GC’s would have been gone……. Bet plenty of guys got medals messing with the dead in WWII … Recording yourself is stupid but I have the Kodaks from back then (80’s)… under my bed in a box where they belong.

  2. When the boot is on the other foot; when you require those in command to watch out and protect you; they some times just fade away and let you sink, as they seek to retain their high rank and pensions.

    It may have been over 46 years ago but there are those still around today who remember this shameful episode, of which, it would appear, is being brought back to the surface once again due to eyewitness information being released through Israeli & US sources.


    We should all be thankful for the world wide web, it is after all a double edged weapon.

    I agree whole heartedly with Sgt M; unconventional things happen in war, which the boots on the ground have to personally deal with. The ‘old and bold’ ranks are there with experience to point out the error of the ‘boots’ ways, they will only ‘sin’ once as the reprimand is sufficient for it never to be repeated.

    The young ‘boots’ today are their own worst enemy as they tend to record every thing. Every action has a reaction and you don’t get medals for stupidity especially when you place it online for the world to view.

    Yours Aye.

    1. So true, Ex Bootneck….we were informed of this incident while in ‘A’ school…and I suspect they still are teaching Corry Station Pensacola, Florida students of this incredibly embarrassing moment of almost fifty years ago committed by the country of Israel on Americans….it’s hard to believe they could have done such a thing even today….they had to have known who and what the ‘Liberty’ was….many still don’t understand why….k

      1. Kristen, I believe the politics of 50 years ago are of the same standard of today, only we, the people, have instant access to what is a dirty murky world.

        They who sin can try and hide it, but only for so long.


  3. Sgt M: Agree, we live in a starched, political environment. And we’ve done such actions in the past.
    EB: They should have never filmed it. Kids these days. Wanting to to use their tech.
    Kris: You were at Corry then? Been there many times. I once had to stop an Ensign right outside the quarterdeck (white bldg in the middle of base) and tell him his cover was on backwards. It was causing the blueshirts to titter. And one thing we do not abide with in the Navy is tittering. . .

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