The Patois of Haole and Gaalos

A linguist keeps an eye peeled for interesting words, words that are slangy and can be translated into the patois of other languages. The Hawaiian term haole translates as whitey and the Somali term gaalos translates as non-muslim. I am not looking gaalos up, just basing my translation on this conversation on SomaliNet:

TeAmo: Girls dudessss I’m finding it so hard to wear my Hijab and Abaya. I just feel like I want to take it off but then I feel bad if I take it off. I miss the wind blowing through my hair and I feel like it limits me from doing things like going out with certain ppl and going certain places and I feel happy when I’m not wearing it coz I can act how I like then, I’m not representing anything. Life is so complicated. I cnt even do my activities anymore I rly liked playing football in my spare time but I cnt anymore coz some of our coaches are male. I can’t relate to my friends anymore coz I feel like their not like me And I cnt hang around with religious ppl either coz I feel like I’m not on their level.

Substance:  think girls that were hijab is the most beautiful thing that exist and maybe u should try and hangout with muslim friends instead of gaalos? And you dont need to compare yourself to other religious people, you are only putting extra weight on yourself for no reason.Be strong and have faith

Hmm, I may lack self-control. The complex linguistic picture (with fariinji and cadaan) is laid out here.

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  1. She is one of the few who assimilate or tell people she has…this sounds like a convert, not someone who was born into Islam…..who knows…their existence is nothing but tedious and full of unhappiness….k

  2. Lets all hope that there is an African Roman Catholic Cardinal promoted to the ‘rank’ of Pope. Either that or we just pull out of the African continent and let them sort out the Crusade amongst themselves.

    The chinese have been over there in vast numbers for over 15 years stripping the continent bare of precious assets and minerals, they hold a lot of influence and are not to be trifled with when it comes to financial gain. I have no doubt that should push come to shove, we will see specialists from the ‘peoples army’ silently and swiftly take on the Islamic fanatics and play them at their own game.
    (Islamic extremism is in its infancy when it comes to brutality and barbarism, the chinese will beat them hands down without breaking into a sweat).

    Where South Africa was once the stabilised stepping stone into the heart of the continent, it now has to bestow that honour to the chinese ‘industrialists’ whose bases stand more powerful than those belonging to the very weak (almost non-existant) economy of the Republic of South Africa.

    The next Intel war will be jointly focused on Asia and Africa for a reason.

    You read it here first…

    Yours Aye.

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