Rising above American-ness

Concerning Cardinal Timothy Dolan: There really never has been any American who rises above his American-ness and holds the esteem of the international group of cardinals because of his service, because of what he’s done for the church,” said Brother Charles Hilken, a historian at Saint Mary’s College of California, who has studied the papacy.

5 thoughts on “Rising above American-ness”

  1. I can’t help but laugh at the MSM trying to ‘predict’ whom they will choose… This is even better than the normal political fodder, since they know even LESS about the Vatican… 😀

  2. The only place to get a realistic ‘feel’ is to be sat within the walls of the Vatican. There will be much snarling, backbiting and gnashing of teeth around its hallowed bazaars, as deals are conducted between Cardinals preparing to vote.

    The Catholic Church from the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland does come with baggage, sadly that is the nature of the beast and a sign of the past. However, compared to the heavily laden baggage train of Islam, the ‘Cat-licks’ should have no concerns about their hand luggage in comparison.

    The MSM have never predicated the outcome correctly; the Vatican’s own media have fallen short on their past predications. Even the big man up above will be looking down wondering if they will get their act together this time.

    Yours Aye.

  3. From what has been previously stated and what I have read of Pope Benedict, he has been guided by his predilection and choice of African cardinals and bishops for many years in anticipation of this upcoming conclave…most outsiders suspect this may be the case that he will guide and suggest the upcoming votes to favor an African or South American pope…we shall see of course,..I can imagine an African pope will most decidedly pull all those Muslim ‘short hairs’ and most likely incite some predictable violence…it will require a very strong-minded individual to stand up to these bullies…and I hope the current pope has someone in mind if that is the case…k

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