Peter Breiter, Raiffeisen Gammesfeld eG

ZG Raiffeisen eG
ZG Raiffeisen eG

I can’t help but to be impressed by Mr. Peter Breiter, the sole worker at the Raiffeisen Gammesfeld eG cooperative bank in southern Germany.

His views: People said I would get bored, but I’m not. My hobby is my job. What could be finer?

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  1. Herr Breiter certainly sounds like a one of a kind type guy, doesn’t he?? He gets to be by himself daily except for customers, of course. But this is a dream job….k

  2. Remember when banks were there to serve and assist its clients and customers?
    When the Bank manager actually took the decision himself to issue loans and offer advice.
    (Instead of today, where a mindless moron sits in front of a computer and simply inputs your details and the software decides).

    The German economy has become successful because it uses a common sense button when it comes to banking. Senior bank officers recognise potential within their long term clients and customers, and accurately calculate the risk on good old fashioned common sense associated with friendship and knowledge.

    Oh for the day the wheel starts to turn…

    Yours Aye.

    1. Let me tell you, I worked at a bank in New England that was bought out by Bank of America…and I know exactly what you’re talking about…I worked there for five years and because of a stupid error, I was let go…in retrospect I suspect I was fed up and made this ‘terrible’ mistake on purpose…I really hated it there…sales were all they cared about…so you’re right about that…the common sense button has been discarded here in the US in just about every arena possible; everyone is a victim and is offended by everything…and am I tired/exhausted by it….k

    1. I think that’s why the bank owner strolls in every month to check on what he’s doing….at least the article stated that there needed to be at least two individuals present every so often…that’s the law apparently…but it is a plum job….as long as he doesn’t make any outrageous mistakes, he seems to be well on his way to great career choice and he is enjoying himself…and isn’t that what people say…when you love what you do, it isn’t a job, it’s your vocation…..k

  3. Kris: Herr B sounds like a jolly man. I love that he loves his job so.
    ENB: I lived in Kentucky and a bank manager once took a risk on me. I told her I had no credit but how was I supposed to get it? She was (is still, I hope) a great lady.
    CP: Haha! Herr B is a great employee. Signed, Herr B.

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