Hugh John Mungo Grant and Tinglan Hong

Mr. Hugh Grant is a father again; it is painted all over the news. This gossipy tidbit itself does not interest me at all, rather I am curious of the mother’s provenance. A lady (one presumes) named Tinglan Hong. Old Ting Ting (her college nick-nick, per the article) had already given birth to Tabitha Xaio Xi Grant and now Tab has a brother named Felix Chang Hong Grant. (No one has ventured to ask the happy couple if they would consider naming their offspring, Land. At least some acreage would then accompany the beaming baby. Land Grant, get it?) A picture of the happy (the mother more so than the other) couple:

Hugh Grant has second child with Tinglan Hong
Hugh Grant has second child with Tinglan Hong

But the point of this post is to share this nourishing fact: that Hugh Grant’s real name is Hugh John Mungo Grant. Mungo? What the. . .

5 thoughts on “Hugh John Mungo Grant and Tinglan Hong”

  1. An absolutely despicable man whose whining and bleating to the press complaints commission about intrusions into his life has left people over here open mouthed.

    Celebs love the adulation from the general public when they are promoting a new film (discount me). They revel in the fact that their ‘fame’ opens doors, but when the empty headed fans think they deserve more, and push for more; the famous turn on their heels and ignore them until the next film is due to be released.

    This irksome creature deserves the ‘Devine’ intervention he sought (and received) when he drove the sleazy back streets of Hollywood looking for pleasure.

    Unbelievably this man’s background hails from Anglo Scottish Military, Aristocracy and Empire builders. Though Grant was born in Hammersmith, London. The additional name of Mungo hails from Scotland’s Aristocracy. It was the nickname of the 6th Century Saint Kentigern, which means ‘gentle’, ‘kind’.

    His Scottish warrior ancestors must be turning in their graves at the thought of this English wet blanket who turned his back on a Military career for one as an ‘actor’.

    It fair makes my skin crawl to hear the creep speak.

    Yours Aye.

  2. EB: I know very little of the man other than his stuttering and his Devine intervention. Sad to say he does have military in his family now that you pointed it out. . .
    Kris: Yup, a slug. A talented man, but smug slug. . .

  3. In high school I knew a family with two sons – one named Tai and the other named Tsu Kreidler. We were told these names meant Sun and Moon. Their mother was tiny Japanese lady and their father was a large man of German descent. Tsu was a good friend of my brother – they played football together. Tsu went on to play football for West Point – he was a big guy, which was a good thing, since his name Tsu was pronounced Sue.

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