100,000 Pistols

An Egyptian security official says Egypt will supply their policemen with 100,000 new 9mm pistols, after many complained about a lack of firepower. Hmmm, perhaps .45s might be more appropriate?

10 thoughts on “100,000 Pistols”

  1. There is a whisper going around that they have already looked at buying the Russian MP 443 ‘Grach’ (Rook). It uses an eighteen round steel magazine that houses the 9mm Luger/Parabellum round.

    It is in current use with the Russian military & police enforcement. The barrel is above standard peak pressure and chambered to use a 9mm armour piercing round with a hardened steel core.
    (It has produced some spectacular results in use in Chechnya).

    Just the sort of side arm required for putting down unruly students in Egypt!

    Yours Aye.

    1. Can I ask a question? You’re an Ex (naughty) Bootneck??? Since when??? I didn’t perceive you to be naughty, just hilarious and funny….k

      1. Kristen I believe it was to fit in with a previous comment I made after a ‘couple’ of glasses of port and some fine cheese & crackers. It was the cheese that left me with a hangover; I think?


        1. Really?? I must have missed that incarnation of you….you’ve never demonstrated perceivable naughtiness (damn it!) in my direction…oh well, such are the vagaries of life….k

  2. I though being a Marine and being Naught was the same thing.

    You mean Egypt didn’t ask Obie for another Fast and Furious for free weapons?

    1. I kinda think that was the idea, CP….another Fast & Furious in the Middle East….at least from the looks of things….no surprises here; Obie is so predictable….and so autocratic…..k

  3. Kris: Big Five?
    Struan: Now that is a principled stand.
    ENB: The Grach? What a catchy name!
    Kris: You have not been paying attention.
    EBTNB: Cheese will do that to you. Watch your thighs too. The stuff has a way of going from your stomach right to your upper thighal region.
    CP: Obie? Ben Kenobi? What’s he got to go with this?
    mark: Verrrry smart. Buy back the junk, sell it to Egypt.

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