Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room
Pretty Padded Room

Boy, I know it is Friday night, but I really got to talk to a shrink! Good thing there is Pretty Padded Room. You never heard of it? Sheesh, the mission statement: Pretty Padded Room is a platform that lets you connect with trained therapists online to release stress easier and faster. And since it’s virtual therapy, our doors are open anytime and anywhere.

And they offer private on-line sessions: Re-think traditional therapy and enjoy a little “me-time” with a therapist who comes to you, in your own space and on your own time.

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    1. I am just kidding. I have a family member who is a professional in this field and I see how messed up her life is. I place no stock in this science.

  1. Part of my therapy…×400/21.jpg

    And twenty miles of the great outdoors.

    Over the years I have walked with those who required to bend an ear and release pressure from within. It is simple enough to do it as a listener, and let nature and its changing scenery absorb expended energy…

    How can you have a problem when you watch the sunrise and listen to the dawn chorus from atop a wooded hillock, with a mug of tea and cold bacon sandwich in hand with Roseberry Topping in the background.

    Your Aye.
    (Cleansed from deep within this fine morning)

  2. That is beautiful scenery Ex Bootneck; I have to say, you do live in one beautifully scenic country; I’m gratified I had the good fortune and opportunity to see it up close and personally for a few years of my life….k

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