The Feminist Koolaid

On the feminist post, featuring Beyonce and Maggie Parker, a commenter by the name of Steven left the below comment:

I have found that many of my high school and college friends who drank the feminist Koolaid all had remarkably similar “flight paths” in life.

Most dabbled in lesbianism but found that lesbian relationships have similiar / same relationship problems as hetero-couples – despite feminist propaganda.

Most went through a period where they were “feminist activists” – whereby what ever pain or anger they felt was used by feminist organizations. What I mean is they were constantly re-reminded that they should be angry with men, had all their previous (platonic or sexual) relationships re-written throught a feminist lens, and were kept angry and NOT HELPED TO HEAL until they became burnt out and realized that they were being used.

And eventually when they finally broke from the herd they were in their mid-30′s to early 40′s, hadn’t had a normal, fulfilling, non-political/power dynamic relationship in over a decade, and were still very bitter. While, as with most people (male or female) they’d rather eat broken glass than admit they were wrong, duped, used, and lied to – these women I knew were emotionally in their 20′s (as this detour had severely stunted their growth a people for a decade), and were trying to find love.

I mean, I have seen it over and over and over – and these were nice girls / women who were happy. Granted, yes, some unhappy (or even horrible) event happened in all their lives during some relationship – which seems feminists go trolling for footsoldiers in “healing workshops / victim’s advocacy” areas.

What angers me is this: If I break my arm and go to the hospital, it is the doctor’s ethical duty to fix my arm as quickly as possible – and maybe some follow up, but it is NOT ethical to make me re-live my arm breaking over and over and over and keep me in pain and anger for his own political benefit.

And that is exactly what I have seen feminist groups do to many of my friends: keep them angry, isolated, scared, and in pain purely for “the cause” – it’s sickening.

I thought it an interesting and informed response. . .

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    1. Great article. I am for equality. No one over no one else. Talent and hard work determines forward career momentum. With each gender bringing its strengths.

  1. i agree with him absolutely…and I have stated not this so much as to the emasculating nature of feminism….it was never originally stated to make men look like animals, brutes or Neanderthals …women were attempting, so they initially claimed to be looking for job equality with men….when they found out they couldn’t compete that way, they turned to calling men names to make themselves feel better…and doing that little bit psychological projection has hurt them more than they know…when real misogyny occurs, these women are nowhere to be found….and all I hear is crickets chirping….(i.e. Islam and Muslim men with their enslavement of women, honor killings/beatings, FGM etc) we never hear even word one from feminists about this barbarity directed at women specifically…and I’ve asked them directly….zero, zip, nada….so in this regard, these women are cowards…..k

    1. As an afterthought, Navy One, I went back and saw that Steven was responding to my remark…so thanx for that little bit of enlightenment….and he is so right…I’ve seen that too and in some respects feminism has blighted some of the paths of my life as well…I actually believed these wayward women for a brief time in my life but enjoyed the company of men far more than I did the loneliness of a feminist’s existence…so at the end of the day, I rejected their entire philosophy realizing their thinking is severely flawed….thanks Steven….k

  2. Lauren: Most def. . .
    Suz: Yup.
    Kris: I love the thought of equality and strive for it in any and all sorts of relationships. But you are right, feminism is not about equality.

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