Teacher Suspended for Lassoing?

A Schrade Middle School teacher from Rowlett, Texas wanted to teach lasso techniques used during cattle drives. So he lassoed one of his students and gave him rope burns.

8 thoughts on “Teacher Suspended for Lassoing?”

  1. Are you kidding me? The poor little thing. I bet he will be traumatized and have an unnatural fear of ropes – and teachers – for the rest of his like. The woose!

  2. In the roping community you have calf ropers, which is different from headers and heelers. Obviously this guy was a header when he should have been a heeler.

  3. I went through my education within the Roman Catholic school system; we dreamt about being lassoed (what a luxury), a far better option than taking a beating from the Order of the Reverend Brothers of St Bede!

    What is the world coming to when the youth of today cannot be subjected to a bit of rough & tumble?

    Yours Aye.

  4. Odd indeed that a Texas school boy didn’t have the ‘right’ stuff to handle this….ridiculous…even here in Texas there becoming more and more wimpy…..how disappointing….and Rowlett’s about an hour away from us…it’s where the Dachshund Farm and the place of Lucy & Louie’s birth…..k

  5. CP: The woose!
    Old NFO: Aw, the kid’ll be alright.
    Lou: Haha, good point.
    EB: I never had corporal punishment. Of course, I never was a corporal.
    Kris: Ah Texas. A bunch of softies!

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