Mohamed Fadel El Anssari, Animal

What Mohamed Fadel El Anssari did to Cheryl Maddison makes my blood boil. I know it is unpopular (and possibly sexist to say this) but I will anyway: If you are a woman, be careful when you drink alcohol publicly. Watch what you wear and watch what you say. Exercise good judgment and don’t walk home alone. Learn self-defense. If the law permits, learn how to use a gun and buy one. Leave your outside lights on. Arggggggh, I’d better stop. Even with all these in mind, sometimes bad things happen.

5 thoughts on “Mohamed Fadel El Anssari, Animal”

  1. A despicable man and unfortunately not an isolated incident. The Spaniards have had enough of such incidents and react accordingly, prison will prove to be an ’emotional’ time for this Moroccan, whose card has been well and truly marked.

    As a nation of predominantly catholics the Spanish hold traditional family values dear to their heart. Economic/illegal migrants from the muslim world are becoming a curse in a country where over 6 million people are unemployed (and rising).

    Migrants in general are responsible for an unprecedented crime wave throughout Spain. In some areas locals are taking the law into their own hands as they know that once tourism takes a hit their country is finished.

    Cheryl Maddison is a Northern lass cut from the fabric of a tight knit mining community, whose coal pit closed many years since. With the support of her family and friends this young woman has bounced back, a Durham lass who should be very proud of her self.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I know very little of Spain. It is the only country, that I can think of, that I have not visited in Europe. I do know they are having economic challenges, like a lot of the area. And I don’t think Fadel will fare well in the clink. . .

  2. Well, I certainly hope he gets exactly what he deserves….there are too many incidents of this occurring particularly by Muslim immigrants….they gather together and commit acts of violence including rape and murder in addition to other things that set them apart from other human beings….they remain nasty, vile and intent on committing the worst possible crimes against native citizens in countries where they are guests…things like this have been occurring throughout Europe for the last dozen or more years and it is getting very ugly…I do hope Europeans finally realize what they’ve done by inviting these monsters into their respective countries and finally boot them the hell out….k

    1. Eastern block (Romania more specifically) has a close surveillance and intelligence on the Muslims. However France, Germany and UK lost track on them. They are simply too many there.
      Spain and Italy are somewhere between.

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