Louis Johnson, Not a Fan of the Marine Corps

I am not familiar with Louis Johnson, the SecDef under President Truman. But reading this paragraph about the Marine Corps does not inspire confidence in him:

After World War II, Louis Johnson, President Truman’s defense secretary, argued that the Army had actually conducted a larger share of amphibious landings in the Pacific than the Marines had and that, in any event, the future of warfare made the Marines’ principal mission outdated. Therefore, Johnson (working for the avowedly anti-Marine Truman) concluded that eliminating the Corps entirely would have no serious consequences for U.S. security. Just five years later, Marines under Douglas MacArthur’s command executed one of the most extraordinary amphibious landings of all time at Inchon.

I may have to start reading more of Alexander B. Gray’s articles. Very interesting.

2 thoughts on “Louis Johnson, Not a Fan of the Marine Corps”

  1. A lawyer, ex Army Captain, and a Politician all rolled into one…

    Quite an interesting story when you read into the history of it.

    Up and at em Devil Dogs…

    Yours Aye.

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