How Not to Coffee-Blog

Matt Watson blogged at Bitter Barista, where he described his work slinging java at All City Coffee in Seattle’s Georgetown. Another coffee website exposed him and his rants against customers and his boss, Seth Levy. Guess who does not have a job? (The Barista was fired over the blog.) Note to all reading this: I love the Navy and my bosses are all great Americans. Every one of ’em.

13 thoughts on “How Not to Coffee-Blog

  1. Careful with yer nose there, Loootenent. Yer CO could stop unexpectedly n’ all. ~;)

  2. And there isn’t any emergency lighting in that there man cave either…

    Yours Aye.

  3. “Watson said baristas are “probably an artist, overqualified, people with pretty much college education across the board.”
    The New Jersey native has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and moved to Seattle “following a girl.”
    He worked at All City Coffee to make ends meet while pursuing a career as a hip hop artist…”

    Imagine that.

  4. I visited a Coffee shop in York (UK) over the weekend, which sells coffee the old fashioned way… Just Coffee, and I mean ‘just coffee’.

    None of your specialties in a foreign language offering sizes from miniscule to elephantoid, no chalk boards that take an hour to browse over…

    No ‘in your face’ fancy ‘baristas’ wanting to know every thing from your date of birth to your national insurance number, and what colour socks your wearing… just coffee; plain and simple!

    No high pressure steam percolator pushing out noise like Concord hitting the sound barrier, no barista banging and clattering like a dock yard worker knocking down rivets… Just the tick-tock of a Grandfather clock that appears to freeze time.

    It is so good just to say to the girl “coffee with milk please” and that is exactly what you get, a really nice cup of coffee in a standard mug; one size fits all. And when you take your seat at an ‘evenly balanced’ table, the chairs don’t squeak as they move over the tiled floor.

    Just coffee with polite articulate staff who genuinely care about a questioned asked, which makes you want to return on your next visit.

    The simple pleasures of life.

    Yours Aye.

  5. Struan: Haha! Rgr. . .
    EB: No emergency lighting? Rats.
    Suz: I know, I loved that part.
    Kris: I was thinking of Tiny Tim. God bless us, every one!
    EB: Just reading this makes me wanna get a cup of joe.
    Struan: Not to brag, but I had my cockels removed at a young age. My heart is (indeed) cockel free.
    Kris: I agree, Staithes looks like a fairy tale.

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