Banana Joe, the affenpinscher, and the Ape Woman

Stories often come in twos. Like Banana Joe, the affenpinscher who won Westminster, kind of resembles the Mexican “ape woman” tale that is in the news. What do you think:

Banana Joe, affenpinscher wins Westminster
Banana Joe, affenpinscher wins Westminster

In researching this story, I came across this amazing headline: Does A Hairy Back Ever Get A ‘Holler Back?’ Haha, holler back, get it? The actual caption of the picture: This dude really has some Man Feathers! Yikes, sorry. Do not go to the link if grizzlies scare you.

As a side note, this really warmed my heart: He (Banana Joe) speaks German, Dutch, Spanish and English,” co-owner and breeder Mieke Cooijmans offered.

7 thoughts on “Banana Joe, the affenpinscher, and the Ape Woman”

  1. I watched the judging of the Working Class breed at the Westminster Dog Show, and I saw the choosing of the Best of Show. I was disappointed in Banana Joe (who resembles an Ewok) winning. I was pulling for the terriers – especially the Russel terrier.

    I met a woman here in OK, who had moved from some foreign state like NY. She told me that the first time someone said, “I’ll holler back at you,” she replied, “No, just call me.” She proceeded to make terrible fun of us Okies.

    Fur is good.

  2. I think he’s kinda cute…I usually watch the Westminster Dog Show every year but missed it these past few years….and an Affenpinscher is a great little dog; both brave and fearless…..both ends are the business end of this dog…..

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